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Van Damme 6mm Hi-Fi Speaker Cable UP-LCOFC – Terminated

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Van Damme 6mm Hi-Fi Speaker Cable with connectors fitted.

The cable Van Damme Product Code: VDC 268-506-000.

Choose the connectors you require in the drop down box.

The connectors direction is from Amplifier towards the Speakers.

Ask if you cant find the connectors you need.

The price is for a single cable so you can order any lengths you need.


**** We do have this cable in stock, please phone or email to order as there is a limited supply available ****


High end domestic hi-fi cables.
Professional studio near field monitoring.

Application notes:-

Shotgun construction for easy conductor separation and identification.
Speaker cables have ultra fine 0.10mm conductors with 7 way plait construction to minimise the skin effect.
Ultra pure oxygen free copper for outstanding sonic integrity.


Overall diameter – 16.00 x 6.00mm.
Conductor stranding – 7 x (3x 73 x 0.10mm).
Conductor resistance Ohm/Km – 3.30

Van Damme Product Code: VDC 268-506-000.

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2 reviews for Van Damme 6mm Hi-Fi Speaker Cable UP-LCOFC – Terminated

  1. Will T

    PerfectAlthough Van Damme speaker cables are pretty inexpensive, they’re used in the some of the world’s most expensive and prestigious studios.

    They just use ultra pure copper and nothing else. No snake oil or questionable marketing.

    I wouldn’t use anything else.

  2. Shaun H (verified owner)

    Cables arrive meticulously packed, no fancy package but so carefully done that your immediately aware to this guy’s attention to detail, TBH I purchased these with a some what blasé attitude, at this price , I thought well worth a punt, I was already using a well known cable that cost me considerly more.These cables in some respects are an improvement . The first most noticeable is the soundstage has improved considerably, the top end I initially thought to be too lively, but in fact it’s just very detailed, Ronnie Earls amp can clearly be heard to be compressing and is exciting. Bass although a little flabby on some recordings is tuneful and never sounded better through KEF floor standers, midrange again on vocals is for me perfect.all very subjective as usual and gear dependent, but for me they are well enough balanced. I won’t be changing.

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