Mark Grant – Black Series DSP 2.5 Dual Screened power cable

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  • High performance three core 2.5 mm fully shielded mains cable.
  • Gold Plated MK 655 ToughPlug
  • Gold Plated 13 Amp Busmann fuse
  • Gold Plated Martin Kaiser 794 IEC connector
  • High quality black braiding
  • Hi-Fi Choice 5 star reviewed.

Made with High purity 3 x 2.5mm2 copper conductors.

Tightly twisted core construction – more twists per foot than any ‘off the shelf’ power cable.

High quality shielding consisting of clear mylar polyester film, a dual over lapped layer of aluminium foil and then dense tinned copper braid and a drain wire to ground the shielding.

Extremely flexible high quality cable.

Fitted with MK Gold plated Toughplug, gold plated Bussmann fuse and high quality Martin Kaiser gold plated IEC connector to fit most AV equipment etc.

Designed to achieve maximum performance at a realistic price.

This is a custom designed and built cable, you cannot buy this cable anywhere else. This is NOT ‘CY’ or ‘SY’, it is a custom design.

Every cable is hand assembled and tested in our own workshop in Yorkshire. The only way you will know if this can make a difference to your system is to try at home, you are welcome to return cables for refund within 30 days, so try at home and decide. It is very rare that anyone returns a cable.

We hand make these cables as they are ordered and we can make cables to any length you need, if you need a length that is not listed phone or email with your requirements.

If you require any other type or make of connectors fitting let us know and we can usually make any cable and connector combination you need at very reasonable prices.

This cable has been reviewed by Hi-Fi choice magazine and received a 5 star review and recommended badge.

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4 reviews for Mark Grant – Black Series DSP 2.5 Dual Screened power cable

  1. Neil M (verified owner)

    Super Mains CableI have a Teac Reference headphone system I use with Samson SR850 Pro headphones. I have upgraded the 1/4″ jacks with MG Neutrik and use MG Canare LV-61 interconnects ( these are superb, but seem to have been dropped from the latest catalogue – a great shame!)I was so satisfied with both these products & service I bought 2 DSP Black mains cables to replace the stock Teac reference OFC ones. The difference was immediate & very positive. A wider soundstage with better detail retrieval combined with a relaxed neutral presentation – very similar to the LV-61 interconnects infact. Highly recommended to replace yr standard “free” cables.

  2. Josie L

    Seriously excellentI have some of these powering various things like my digital filter and I must say they are simply superb. The build quality is fantastic. Gold plated plugs too. A superb upgrade in sound. Highly recommended.

  3. John N (verified owner)

    Lifting the veilI have had this cable for over a month now and I am pleased to add my praise for it. Straight away I could detect a difference, it was a bit like lifting a veil on the sound revealing a new layer beneath. The other thing I have noticed is a wider soundstage compared to before, much wider which is good for me as I live in a small flat and I can’t place my speakers as far apart as I would like to. The cable is very beefy and substantially made with a tight fit at the connection end. It wouldn’t make a cheap system sound like a high-end, expensive one but it should give any hifi set up a boost no matter what your budget. Recommended.

  4. Edward B (verified owner)

    An excellent power cable. I’ve tried some other well known brands (with 60 day returns) costing up to five times the price and these are giant killers. Very natural, musical and a great, deep sound stage. Very highly recommended.

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