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SBooster for Squeezebox Duet


Suitable for upgrading switch-mode adapters and linear regulated power supplies.

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The SBooster contains components to reduce the ripple and noise on the DC output of your existing Power supply unit.

The DC connector size is 1.05mm and is also suitable for other devices with 1.05 mm connectors.

Plugs into your existing DC power lead.

We offer a 30 day returns policy so you have plenty of time to try this at home.

Read the design philosophy of the SBooster on the manufacturers website

This is a small device and the housing measures approximately 58mm x 33mm. The overall length from end to end of the wires as in the picture is 245mm.

Plug and play.
No warranty loss on your device.
Extreme low additional power consumption.
Low price, high quality.
Built with high quality electronic parts.
Unbeatable price/quality ratio.

EAN Code:- 8718309151027.

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