Elsdon Wonfor Audio – MC-5 Power Cable – Silver plated connectors


The MC-5 is Elsdon Wonfor Audio's entry-level mains cable using their unique design.

This cable is fitted with a Silver Plated UK MK Toughplug and a Silver Plated Martin Kaiser IEC connector.

The UK 13 Amp plug is fitted as standard, alternative mains plugs for most countries can be fitted on request.


*** Out of stock – Contact Elsdon Wonfor Audio with enquiries ***

Cables are made in lengths from 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres.

The following are the technical measurements taken using 1 metre of the MC-5 mains cable.

Live       – 20uH
Neutral – 20uH
Earth     – 20uH

Leakage Inductance:-
Live to Neutral 1.6uH

E -> L 100pF
E -> N 100pF
L -> N 100pF

Frequency response:-
6db roll-off at 10Mhz

Single Pulse Response:-
For 1 volt at 1amp < 10nsecs

This cable will never be available ‘off the reel’ without connectors for DIY users as it requires specialist tooling and assembly procedures to correctly fit connectors as it is an extremely advanced and complex design. It has to be purchased as a terminated retail product that is 100% perfect in every way.

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