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Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator

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New version 2 of the Sbooster Vbus USB isolator.

Red Aluminium Enclosure

Gold plated USB 2.0 connectors

Shielded construction

SMT Technology

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The Sbooster Vbus2 isolator disconnects the Vbus power to prevent noisy DC from entering the USB port of a powered DAC.

If your DAC is mains or battery powered then you can use this device to remove the DC.

Compatible with most powered DAC’s.

Perfect to use in the USB output socket of a Laptop or PC used to stream to a powered DAC.

The size is 42 x 19 x 11mm.

If you are not sure if this is compatible with your device please phone or email.

Sbooster Vbus2 Isolator  compatibility list:-

Antelope Audio Zen Studio Portable Audio Interface.

Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold 384 kHz DAC.

Antelope Audio Zodiac+ Mastering DAC.

Arcam irDAC.

Arcam rDAC.

Audiolab M-DAC.

Audiolab M-DAC+/CDQ8200 DAC.

Ayre Acoustics QB-9DSD (upgrade version only) DAC.

Benchmark Media Systems DAC1 new model DAC.

Beresford Caiman MKII TC-7534 DAC.

Chord Chordette EX DSD DAC.

Chord Chordette QuteHD DAC.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC.

M2TECH/Manunta Hiface Evo/Evo II Audio Interface.

M2TECH/Manunta Young/Young DSD DAC.

Metrum Acounstics HEX USB DAC.

Micromega MYDAC DAC.

Moon 380D DSD DAC.

Musical Fidelity V-DAC/V-DAC II DAC.

NorthStar Design 192 DAC.


Teac UD-501 DAC.

UpTone Audio REGEN USB Upgrade.

Wadia dil22 digital audio decoder DAC.

Wyred4Sound DAC2 DSD DAC.

More devices will be added to the list as more are tested, if you have a device that you know to be compatible let us know and we can update the list.

Not compatible with the following devices:

M2TECH Young Dac ( original version)

Wryed 4 sound Recovery USB clocker.

Intona High Speed USB Isolator.

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