Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones – Black


Oppo PM-3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones – Black.

Closed-back planar magnetic headphones.

Excellent sound quality from planar magnetic drivers.

Closed-back design for privacy and noise isolation.

High sensitivity, light weight and comfortable fit.

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Product Description

The OPPO PM-­3 presents a truly stylish design. The portability of the lightweight Planar Magnetic headphones combined with the excellent noise isolation makes for a sincerely elegant product.

The PM­-3 is the world’s lightest closed­back planar magnetic headphones at just 320 grams.  This makes the PM­3 the perfect accompaniment for a busy on­the­go lifestyle. The pleasure and comfort the exceptional workmanship of the headphones bring is incomparable. The closed­back design of the PM­-3 blocks out surrounding sound and simultaneously avoids noise leakage from the headphones.

Years of research has gone into the design and style of the headphones enabling them to be worn for hours on end with no discomfort. They are an absolute must for the working audiophile who expects only the highest quality, everywhere.

Also available in White.

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The PM-­3 Classic Planar Magnetic Headphones has been reviewed extremely positively, with TechRadar simply stating “Don’t even bother reading this review­ just go out and buy these headphones”.

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1 28/review 5*
http://www.head­fi.org/products/oppo­pm­3/reviews/1 271 3 4.5/5


The OPPO PM-3 combines true audiophile performance, elegant styling, noise isolation and portability into a pair of sleek lightweight Planar Magnetic headphones.

With the PM-3, users can easily recreate the experience of listening to a pair of flagship headphones on a flagship amplifier or a high quality 2-channel speaker system in an optimised listening room, but in a portable form factor that could be taken anywhere. Tipping the scale at just 320grams., the PM-3 is the world’s lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphones. This makes the PM-3 the ideal headphones for a person who is always on the go. Its elegant styling and exquisite workmanship make the headphones a pleasure to wear in public, and its light weight and exceptional comfort make it easy to listen for hours on end. The closed-back nature of the PM-3 provides isolation from the outside world, blocking out the surrounding noise while avoiding sound leakage from the headphones.

Unique Planar Magnetic Sound – Utilising planar magnetic drivers derived from the award-winning PM-1 headphones, the PM-3 features deep bass, smooth midrange, and clear treble. The sound signature can be described as very natural and balanced, with plenty of emotion and impact.

Phase Coherence – When sound enters our ear, it has a planar wave front with all spectrum components in phase. A typical dynamic headphone driver disrupts this coherence with its phase irregularity, resulting in less than perfect signal peak reconstructions. OPPO’s planar magnetic driver has much better phase coherency since all parts of the diaphragm are vibrating in concert without break up and delayed resonance.

Purely Resistive Impedance – OPPO’s planar magnetic driver has a flat conductor pattern that does not have any inductive components. This eliminates inductance related inter-modulation distortion, which is especially common in dynamic drivers with high impedance and a high number of voice coil turns.

7-Layer Diaphragm – OPPO’s planar magnetic driver diaphragm has 7 layers of thin materials that provide excellent performance, reliability, and longevity. The construction of the diaphragm ensures that it is very stable under thermal stress and vibration.

Double-Sided Spiraling Coils – The diaphragm utilises a spiraling pattern of flat aluminium conductors on either side of the driver. The double-sided design allows twice as many conductors to be placed within the magnetic field, which leads to higher sensitivity, better damping, and even drive force.

FEM-Optimised Magnet System – An FEM-optimised magnet system with very high energy Neodymium magnets is used to maximise sensitivity and consistency of the applied force over the driver area.

Optimised for Mobile Use – Many planar magnetic headphones have a sensitivity far below 100 dB and require very powerful amplifiers to drive. The OPPO PM-3 has a sensitivity of 102 dB, which allows it to be easily driven with mobile devices. Its low impedance works well with smartphones that ship with low impedance ear buds.

Lightweight and Truly Portable – With a weight of just 320 g, the OPPO PM-3 is the world’s first truly portable closed-back planar magnetic headphone. It folds flat and comes with a selvedge denim carrying case. When folded and protected in the carrying case, the PM-3 takes very little space in a briefcase or backpack.

Unparalleled Comfort – Many planar magnetic headphones weigh over 500 g and are often uncomfortable to wear for more than a short period of time. Thanks to its light weight, plush padding and carefully calibrated clamping force, the OPPO PM-3 is a joy to listen for hours on end.

In-line Mic and Remote – The PM-3 is shipped with a 3 metre main cable and a 1.2 metre portable cable. Users can choose the best suitable cable for their mobile devices. This also includes a cable with mic and controls for Apple devices, one with mic and button for Android and Windows phones, and one without mic.

Elegant Style – Hi-fi products do not need to look ugly, and stylish products do not need to sound mediocre. The PM-3 sounds excellent, looks beautiful, and is equally at home in the fast-paced urban jungle as in the warmth of a dedicated listening room.

Material and Build Quality – The OPPO PM-3 is ruggedly constructed with strong metal and plush padding materials. The headphones have been tested to very high standards to withstand mechanical and environmental stress in order to guarantee exceptional performance throughout its lifespan.

Stability, Consistency, Reliability – Many planar magnetic headphones have large balance deviations between the left and right channels, and accurate stereo reproduction is contingent on having a very close match between the left and right channels. During the OPPO PM-3’s manufacturing process, drivers are closely matched
to ensure optimum stereo imaging and soundstage.

Selvedge Denim Carrying Case – The selvedge denim carrying case included with your OPPO headphones is manufactured using vintage shuttle looms by a supplier for a number of boutique clothing brands based in Europe and Japan. The material is a stylish, high-end fabric that is prized for its ability to weather the elements and
develop a unique aesthetic character over time, and the slim design of the case is a perfect match with the PM-3’s ability to fold flat, allowing the headphones to fit easily within a backpack or briefcase.


    Unique planar magnetic driver with FEM-optimised neodymium magnet system.
    7-layer double-side voice coil diaphragm.

    Excellent sound quality.

    High sensitivity and consistency.

    Lightweight for portable use.

    Comfortable fit for long-term listening.

    Closed-back noise isolation design.

    Selvedge denim carrying case.

    Detachable high quality cable.

    Optional headphone cable with inline mic and remote control.


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