Mark Grant DSP 1.0 Dual Screened Power Cable – Figure 8 Connector


Mark Grant DSP 1.0 Dual Screened Power Cable – Figure 8 Connector.

Silver plated.

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High performance two core 1.0 mm fully shielded mains cable. 

High purity copper conductors.

High performance shielding consisting of clear mylar polyster film, a dual over lapped layer of aluminium foil and then dense tinned copper braid – the highest shielding coverage of any power cord available.

Tightly twisted core construction – more twists per foot than any ‘off the shelf’ power cable.

Extremely flexible high quality outer jacket.

Fitted with MK silver plated Toughplug and a ‘figure 8’ mains connector to fit Sky, Sky + and Sky HD boxes , CD players etc.  Designed to achieve maximum performance at a realistic price.This is a custom designed and built cable, you cannot buy this cable anywhere else, bulk reels of cable are made to our own specification.

This is NOT  ‘CY’ or ‘SY’, it is a custom design.  Each cable is hand assembled and tested in our own workshop in Yorkshire.  The only way you will know if this can make a difference to your system is to try at home, you are welcome to return cables for refund within 30 days, so try at home and decide. It is very rare that anyone returns a cable.   A Genuine high quality product ! Designed by Mark Grant.

There is a review of the DSP 1.0 power cable here:  quote: “The difference in sound was not subtle with the DSP 1.0 mains lead in use. There was no real need for prolonged listening as quite frankly a deaf man on a galloping horse could have heard the difference.”

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