Elsdon Wonfor Audio – LS-25 Speaker cables


High performance Made In England speaker cables.

Elsdon Wonfor Audio cables are designed by Colin Wonfor, engineered by Elsdon Wonfor Audio and hand assembled by Mark Grant into a retail product for despatch to customers worldwide.

The Price is for a pair of cables.


Product Description

The connectors are high quality gold plated copper Z plugs.

The standard cable lengths are 1 metre to 5 metres, if you require an alternative length then please enquire as we can make any lengths you need.

If you require spade connectors please enquire as any connector combination can be fitted.

The price is for a pair of cables as in the photos.

The Elsdon Wonfor Audio range of cables follow on from Colin Wonfor’s previous designs by adding improvements in the noise cancelling / rejection area.

The main design objectives for all the cables are:

  • Remove as much common-mode noise as possible from the signal.
  • Ensure that the cable itself does not generate any noise / RFI.
  • Make the cable as immune as possible to external noise.

These objectives are applied to both Signal level cables (Interconnects / Loudspeaker) and Power cables (Mains)

Technical measurements for a 1 Metre Length of LS-25 speaker cable.
Capacitance 19pf/M
Common mode inductance 16uH/M
Single conductor inductance  6uH/M
Single conductor resistance   less than 29mΩ/M
Balance inductance (the effect on the Amp) 1.3uH/M
Open Circuit Resonance  32MHz into no load
Frequency Response DC to 1MHz into 8Ω

The physical size of the cable is 25 mm width x 5 mm height.

This cable will never be available ‘off the reel’ without connectors for DIY users as it requires specialist tooling and assembly procedures to correctly fit connectors as it is an extremely advanced and complex design. It has to be purchased as a terminated retail product that is 100% perfect in every way.

Delivery available Worldwide, if you don’t see a shipping option to your county then please send an email and we will send a shipping price.  Elsdon Wonfor Audio will expand worldwide during 2017 so there will be more dealers to enable customers to buy locally.

You are welcome to Email or phone with any questions.

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