LM4562 – National Semiconductor – LM4562NA


LM4562 – National Semiconductor – LM4562NA

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LM4562 – National Semiconductor – LM4562NA

High sound quality opamp much talked about on many internet forums to upgrade Beresford DAC , Soundcards such as auzentech x-meridian and many others.
These op-amps are possibly the finest sounding op-amp currently
Each chip is a two channel device, so if you just want to upgrade the front 2
channels you only need one chip.
4 chips would be needed to upgrade all the 7.1 ( 8 channels) on an xmeridian
soundcard for example.
National semiconductor part number is LM4562NA
Prices includes VAT.

These are Genuine chips from National Semiconductor in USA, beware of counterfeits from China on a well known auction site.
Price is for a single chip.
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