HDMI Cables

The G1080 HDMI cables are available in lengths from 0.5 to 9 metres. The black coloured G1080 cables in lengths from 0.5 metre to 5 metres made with high quality 26 AWG silver plated cable and are the latest specification High Speed with Ethernet which is often known as 1.4 on internet forums and in shops. (Although the version numbers are hardware version numbers and not cable version numbers.) Cable lengths from 6 metres and upwards with the bright blue braiding are an earlier design made with thicker 24 AWG silver plated cable cores that does not have the Ethernet channel although nothing available uses this yet. All the cables here support 3D and will work with an any resolution with any device, they are all high quality products and work perfectly. We set the highest standards in everything we do which is why our products and customer service are such high quality.

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